About Notch

Rich and Dan formed NOTCH after working together on a project in central Portugal. Together, they bring forty years of experience as designer makers. As NOTCH, their individualised skill set and unique styles merge, creating distinctive pieces of work.


Dan has designed and made a huge array of different pieces over the years, ranging from fine jewellery to timber frame buildings. His astute approach to the design process creates refined and elegant solutions. Highlights of his work include several carbon composite boats, a green oak framed sunroom with a spiral stair and a number of bespoke wood burners. His scratch-built caravan was featured in Lloyd Kahn’s Tiny Homes on the Move. Dan’s work blends artistry and engineering in a simple, beautiful solution.


Rich’s work is grounded within the Arts, with an affinity particularly for contextualised sculpture. This, combined with his later passion for low impact/Ecobuilds has led him to create his signature pieces of work. He stretches materials beyond their expected norms, challenging stereotypes and structural preconceptions. This has birthed a brave and unique aesthetic. Given Rich’s niche style and experience, he has been invited to and worked on numerous projects around the world from bespoke furniture, dwellings and pieces of fine art. His work featured in National Geographic and Natural Homes Magazine.


Having both studied at art institutions, with Rich, Fine Art, and Dan, Contemporary Crafts, they draw on a well developed visual sense, a wide knowledge of materials and structural building techniques and strong eye for detail. This is evident in the vast range of work completed to date. Collectively their work has featured in several leading design websites and blogs.


NOTCH works with imaginative clients to design and build beautiful artistic and intriguing structures.